The Sound Of On Records 1987-1989

The late 1980s in the rainbow nation was a time when disco was mutating into what was becoming known as Bubblegum: pop music aimed at the black population of South Africa.

Bubblegum was a response to Western styles like disco and the fast spreading house music which originally came from the black ghettos of Chicago and New York. When the second Summer of Love took over the UK in 1988, first house, and other electronic music styles conquered South Africa as well. DIY - do it yourself - a motto that had already appeared in the punk movement, lifted the young local scene to the next level. With a minimal set up - keyboards, some drum machines and samplers it was suddenly possible to make music without having to rent expensive studios.

Item détails
Artist : Whoosha/Pamela Nkutha
Title : The Sound Of On Records 1987-1989
Label : Egoli Records
Réf. label : EGOLI 002DISC3
Genre : Afro
Country : Netherlands
Year : 2019
Format : 12"
Origine : Original
Record Condition : SEALED
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 15,00 EUR


Side 1
1. Whoosha - Mosquito
2. Whoosha - Nopaka
Side 2
1. Pamela Nkhuta - Gambling
2. Pamela Nkhuta - Ano Tambura (Suffering)

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