Electropical Pt 2

Pete Herbert, Afro fusion outfit Oyobi and Neo Soul singer Andre Espeut jump on the train to the South American territories in order to meet Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel for the continuation of their latest sonic excursion: Electropical Part 2.

Track brakedown:

A1 Esta Musica - Feat. Andre Espeut: Andre drops his signature silky vocal sound translated in Spanish for this undercover groover of Synthesized Latin-Soul.

A2 Sabana (Pete Herbert Remix) The classic Venezuelan folk tune "Sabana" gets the PH treatment for this massive Balearic conveyor.

A3 Sabana "Tonada De Ordeño - Milking songs" are relaxing songs that peasants sing at farms across the entire Latin-American region when rounding up the cows in the early hours of the dawn. The tonada "Sabana" (originally composed by maestro Simon Diaz) gets the Nu Jazz treatment for a full re-composition that shows a clear window into the restless spirit of sonic innovation that's driven Juan & Jorge since the early years of their career.

B1 Vuelo Del condor (Oyobi Remix): Oyobi delivers an Epic remix of "El Vuelo Del Condor" combining G Funk vibes with Afro / Latin roots.

B2 Semana Santa En Achaguas: A raw recording of live Drums and Congas so locked in a heavy Guaguanco groove, with the trumpet and vocal scatting of Andre Espeut's call and response setting it all off in an improvised jazz style somewhat reminiscent of Ray Barreto's early years of experimental psychedelia.

Item détails
Artist : Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel
Title : Electropical Pt 2
Label : Imagenes
Réf. label : IMAGENES 082
Genre : Disco/Nu-Disco
Country : UK
Year : 2018
Format : 12"
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : MINT
Second hand : Non
Price : 13,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Esta Musica (feat Andre Espeut)
2. Sabana (Pete Herbert remix)
3. Sabana
Side 2
1. Vuelo Del Condor (Oyobi remix)
2. Semana Santa En Achaguas

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