Cold Busted has navigated the smooth seas to unearth Sailing, the new album from Moroccan guitarist and beat-flinger saib. The Casablanca-based producer has steered his sound into warmer waters. Mixing tempered hip hop beats with jazzy vibes and a lounge sensibility, saib. touches on a style that's both chill and opulent. The album's opener, "Archipelago," sets the scene with gentle piano, swirling strings, and beachside sounds that would make Martin Denny proud. "Tropics" pushes the agenda further, featuring delightful vibraphone lines, stand-up bass, and boom bap beats, providing the perfect soundtrack for poolside cocktails. The sleepy crooning of "Blue Memories," the future-retro sing-a-long of "Mermaid Dreams," and the guitar/vibes interplay of "Pastel" provide other highlights. Sailing's twelve songs show saib. as an artist capable of bringing a sunny climate to any listening environment.

Item détails
Artist : Saib
Title : Sailing
Label : Cold Busted
Réf. label : CB 116RI
Genre : Hip-Hop
Country : US
Year : 2021
Format : LP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 32,00 EUR


Side 1
1. Archipelago
2. Beautiful Terrace
3. Casino
4. Mermaid Dreams
5. Summer In Rio
6. Tropics
Side 2
1. Pastel
2. Mojito
3. Friends
4. Blue Memories
5. Grand Hotel
6. Paradise Island

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