Bahia Fantastica

Originally released in 2012, the second album by the São Paulo-born composer Rodrigo Campos marks a turning point in both lyrical and aesthetic inspiration. “Bahia Fantástica” is the result of the absorption of a then recent influence of soul music (especially Curtis Mayfield) and is in the middle of this path marked by an unlikely geography in the lyrical part (São Mateus, Bahia, Japan) and by an expansion of sound ( from samba to the indefinable, with a passage through black American music).

The album turns ten years old in 2022 and exudes vitality. The soul reference takes on a different aroma when it passes through the filter of the composer and his band – formed by Kiko Dinucci on guitar, Marcelo Cabral on bass, Maurício Fleury on keyboards, Maurício Takara on drums and Thiago França on sax: it has Brazilian sauce, hints of afrobeat and a very particular seasoning. The lyrics bear the artist's mark: they project scenes in the listener's imagination and design the characters and environments with their own style of subjective chronicle. Bahia is both imaginary and intimate in Rodrigo Campos’s music.

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Artist : Rodrigo Campos
Title : Bahia Fantastica
Label : Goma Gringa Discos
Réf. label : GGLP 021
Genre : Brasil
Country : Brazil
Year : 2023
Format : LP
Origine : Re-Issue
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 28,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Cinco Doces
2. Princesa Do Mar
3. Ribeirao
4. Beco
5. Morte Na Bahia
6. Sete Vela
7. Aninha
Side 2
1. Jardim Japao
2. General Geral
3. Elias
4. Capitao
5. Sou De Salvador

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