Quarter Street

From the first few notes, it sounds like the real thing. Piano and bass riff hard. Percussion enters. ¡Oiga Papa! Listen up! The trombones come in thick and strong. Fantasia, the first song on Quarter Street's self-titled LP is authentic 'salsa dura' from the old school. Hard salsa. It's not shiny, it's not clean and poppy or unduly jazzy. It's tough, it's gritty and ballsy, and in terms of musicianship, writing and production, it straight up cooks.
- The first throwback Salsa Dura record that picks up where Fania left off.
- Written and recorded by deciples of Willie Colon, Eddie Palmieri, Hector Lavoe and Ruben Blades
- Vinyl LP includes MP3 download card

Item détails
Artist : Quarter Street
Title : Quarter Street
Label : Hope Street Recordings
Réf. label : HS 020LP
Genre : Latin
Country : US
Year : 2015
Format : LP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 25,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Fantasia
2. Tuma La Cana Jibarito
3. Los Golpes Ensenan
4. Diferente
Side 2
1. Libre Soy
2. Se Casa La Rumba
3. De Cualquier Manera
4. La Quarter Ilego

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