Valgusesse: 8 Shiny Tracks From Estonian Radio Archive

Frotee team has hand picked 8 previously unreleased songs by 8 Estonian artists. These tracks, with their range of styles from soul to AOR, jazz to ambient, have long ago earned their rightful place in Frotee's heart but are only now being released in a form of a record. Check out Tornaado's - 'Seitse' for a dope take on Kraftwerk's “Das Model” ! On “Valgusesse” compilation you’ll find tracks from groups from Frotee’s earlier discography. Elektra, under their initial name Kooli-prii, had recorded another charming soul cover. Fusion-disco-reggae group Tornaado surprises us with an Estonian version of Kraftwerk's hit single “Das Model”. It might well be the first opportunity for you to discover some early Estonian ambient sounds by Tiit Aunaste or hear the songs from the previously underrated pop-singer Kristi Tammik. The collection also features pop sounds by the well-known Estonian jazz musicians Sven Kullerkupp and Lembit Saarsalu. The pianist Sven Kullerkupp recorded perfect Balearic beat in 1990 and Estonian best saxophonist Lembit Saarsalu found time to play disco-funk with Estonian Radio orchestra in 1979. Both sides of LP end with authentic Estonian yacht rock, played by Salamander and Radar, respectively.

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Artist : Various Artists
Title : Valgusesse: 8 Shiny Tracks From Estonian Radio Archive
Label : Frotee
Réf. label : FRO 009
Genre : Soul-Funk
Country : Estonia
Year : 2016
Format : LP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 20,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Kooli Prii - Paikeselaik
2. Kristi Tammik - Haldjalaul
3. Sven Kullerkupp - Fiesta
4. Salamander - Kui Mu Korval Kaid
Side 2
1. Eesti Raadio Estraadiorkester - Ma Ootan Sind
2. Tornaado - Seitse
3. Tiit Aunaste - Valgusesse
4. Radar - Kui Mind Kutsud Sa

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