Baker's Dozen

Fat Beats Records is proud to present Baker’s Dozen, an exclusive series that shines a light on the best minds of instrumental hip-hop, ambient, and electronic music. Each installment gives one artist carte blanche to capture their signature sound.

Every volume’s limited vinyl pressing features one artist and twelve tracks, and comes equipped with a 5x7” postcard insert that features a photo of the artist’s workspace along with the equipment used in their music-making process. Visually cohesive and packaged with the utmost attention to detail, Baker’s Dozen is a series that speaks up for artists whose craft renders voices superfluous, whose instrumentals alone suffice to make a statement.

Volume eight highlights LA producer Exile, who breaks down his creative process below:

“Making music from nothing, pre-internet you had to teach yourself or make homies with the local legend to drop gems on their process of making beats. Now you can take classes on how to make beats. It doesn’t matter if you use a Roland MS1 or MPC 2000XL, sampling records or sampling yourself playing the keys... get lost in the music, stay thankful, and remember the feeling of why you do this. That is my process. ”

- Exile

Item détails
Artist : Exile
Title : Baker's Dozen
Label : Baker's Dozen
Réf. label : BDZ 008
Genre : Hip-Hop
Country : US
Year : 2018
Format : LP
Origine : Original
Record Condition : MINT
Sleeve Condition : SEALED
Second hand : Non
Price : 28,00 EUR
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Side 1
1. Eggsyle
2. Do You Know?
3. Bravery
4. I Say It's True
5. Bopwiddit'
6. Hawaiian Sofa King
Side 2
1. Do Not Touch
2. Heavens Gates
3. Bom Bomb
4. This Is Your Life
5. Love To The World
6. First Things Second

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